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Finkenwerder, Germany

Language: English with possible translation to German

Silence, deep rest, connected movement, sound, genuine inquiry, guidance and heart connection.


About the Retreat

With the company of the group we will explore meditation through silence, deep rest, connected movement, sound, guidance and heart connection, lead and guided by Gemma Polo Pujol.

Our daily schedule includes silent and guided group meditations in the comfortable and well-equipped meditation hall, time for walking meditation in the wide spread grounds of the centre, teachings and one-to-one guidance with Gemma, as well as walks in nature and chanting together.


  • Apart from some moments of sharing, the retreat will be held in silence.
  • The retreat is fully residential, and everyone is expected to stay the whole time.
  • Teachings will be given in English (if you need translation let us know please).


The retreat is suitable for people at all experience levels or with no meditation experience.


About Gemma Polo Pujol

Born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1976, Gemma Polo Pujol has been teaching deep rest meditation retreats around the world since 2002, mainly with Open Dharma. She lived in India for 10 years and later she created Dharmaloca, a tiny eco-hermitage on the holy mountain of Montsant in Catalonia, Spain.

With her wealth of experience from traditions of the West and the East, and a genuine love for nature, Gemma holds and guides each individual to find her or his own whispers of the heart.

More about Gemma:

More about Open Dharma:


Retreat Location

The retreat centre “Finkenwerder Hof” is situated halfway between Berlin and Hamburg (about 175 km north of Berlin) in the midst of fields, meadows and lakes. The compound lies quite remote and quiet.

For some impressions of the location, please see:


Accommodation and Food

Accommodation: we will share double rooms, as well as a three bed and a four-bed room. Bathrooms are shared by same gender.

Food: Three purely vegetarian meals will be served each day. Vegan options will be prepared on request, please let us know in advance.

Tea, mineral water and filtered water will be available all day.


Beginning and Arrival

The retreat begins on 9th November in the early evening with a welcome talk by the retreat manager at about 18:30 o`clock.

Please arrive between 16:30 and 17:30 to allow yourself some time to settle in after the arrival formalities of completing the registration and payment process.

Tea and some snacks will be provided at your arrival.

Last day and Departure

We will conclude the retreat on the 13th November with a closing circle and lunch, so you can be ready to leave between 13:00 – 14:00 o`clock.

 If you wish we can also arrange a taxi/transport service to the bus stop.


Costs and Donations

The price of 315 Euro includes the costs for accommodation and food during the retreat, as well as an amount for the organisational expenses of this retreat.

The retreat program offered entirely on donation basis.

“It is with the wish of honouring the tradition of generosity and the flowering of each heart that I offer what I share mostly on donation basis, this means that is given without any limits and for everyone to be nourished by it. I invite you to feel in which way these offerings are helpful to you and give in exchange the amount that makes you happy. Your donations given (…)make it possible for me to dedicate myself fully and with continuity to what I offer.” (from Gemma’s website)

At the end of the retreat you will have the opportunity to give donations to Gemma, her teachings and guidance, and to Dana for the organisational work.

Your generosity and gifts from the heart will be deeply appreciated. Thank you!


If you would like to subscribe and join the retreat, please:

  1. Fill in the application form at the end of this text and sent it back to us at

(copy/paste form into an email please).

  1. Make an advance payment of 150 Euro to secure your place to the following bank account via bank transfer

Bank account
Account Name: Open Dharma associació per l’harmonia natural
IBAN number: ES31 1491 0001 2210 09539220
Bank Name: Triodos Bank
Bank Address: C/ Ferraz 52 (esq. C/ Quintana), 28008 – Madrid, Espana
Amount: 150 €
Reason for transfer: Germany Retreat November

After receiving both, your subscription form and payment, we will send you a confirmation by email.

 The payment of the remaining balance and further registration will take place on arrival at the retreat center.

In case you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible.

Please also note: for cancellation within one month before the retreat your advance payment will not be refunded, before that (until 8th October) 50% will be refunded.


Getting There

The retreat takes place at “Finkenwerder Hof” retreat center.

Address: Finkenwerder 13, 19399 Goldberg (Wendisch-Waren)

Nearest small towns: Wendisch-Waren and Goldberg;

nearest bigger towns: Lübz and Parchim

GPS Coordinates: N 53°34.669′ (northern latitude),

E 12°06.664′ (eastern longitude).


…by train and bus…

From Berlin:

possible rail destinations are: Güstrow, Inselstadt Malchow, Schwerin

 – from “Güstrow ZOB” (central bus and coach station):

Bus, line 713, direction Parchim (takes about 40 min), get off at bus stop „Goldberg, Bahnhof “(from there 5 min by car/taxi to the retreat centre)

– from “Malchow ZOB” (central bus and coach station):

Bus, line 77, direction Parchim (takes about 20 min), get off at bus stop

„Karow, Dorf “(from there 15 min by car/taxi to the retreat centre)


From Schwerin:

there are two bus lines from Schwerin central railway station /” Schwerin Hbf”:

  • Bus, line 121, direction Plau (takes approx. 1 hour) to terminal stop „Goldberg, Finkenwerder “(from there only 500m to the retreat centre)
  • Bus, line 715, direction Lübz (takes more than 1 hour) to terminal stop „Goldberg, Bahnhof “(from there 5 min by car/taxi to the retreat centre)

From the bus stop we can arrange a pick-up service for you. Please let us know in advance. It costs between 5–20 Euro depending on the number of persons.

From Hamburg:

by train to Schwerin, from there proceed as above…



Subscription form Germany Retreat with Gemma Polo Pujol


Your Full Name:


Your Age:




Your Email-Address:


Your Mobile number:

(where we could reach you during travel)



Have you already been on a retreat with Gemma or Open Dharma before?



Arriving from where and by which means of transportation:

(we will try to arrange shared rides, if it`s possible)


The food served by the kitchen will be purely vegetarian, including milk and eggs. Do you have any special dietary needs?

(we can provide vegan or gluten-free diet)


Do you have any food intolerance/food allergies?


Please let us know if you need translation from English into German:


Thank you!!!



For more information and registration please write to: