julio 22, 2017 julio 28, 2017
Ter Apel, Holland

 About Open Dharma:

In short: Open dharma stands for meditation, gentleness, contact with nature and deep rest to deepen our connection to ourselves and to the rest of live. Teacher Gemma Polo Pujol primarily draws on her own experience in diverse wisdom traditions as Buddhism, non-dual Advaita, Christian and Sufi mysticism and her own human experience. There are offered instructions in connected movements, relaxation, and the expansive approach to vipassana (insight-) and loving kindness meditation. Dieuwertje Stegeman en Nanda Huneman will co-facilitate with Gemma.

Please also take a look at www.opendharma.org and www.gemmapolo.com

About the retreat:

The retreat will be held in a beautiful and very peaceful place close to Ter Apel in the province of Groningen (the Netherlands). It is not far from the border with Germany.

This Open Dharma Deep rest retreat is an opportunity to explore silence and deep rest. There will be a daily schedule which includes silent and guided group meditations, teachings, one-to-one meetings with the teachers and occasional sharing groups. Also walks in nature and singing. Apart from the sharing moments, the retreat will be held in silence and participants are expected to stay for the whole retreat. Teachings are given in English and (if necessary) translated into Dutch.

Practical information


The retreat starts on Saturday the 22th of July 2017 and will end after the lunch on Friday the 28th of July. We will meet Saturday the 22th at 2 p.m. at the train station in Emmen.


There are dorms and also space to camp in the large garden surrounding the building.


Full pension: € 275,-

Program: on donation (dana)

Please note that the amount of 275 euro does only partly cover the expenses made. As for the teachers, they honor an ageless tradition of generosity (dana), and invite you to join them in supporting, and being supported by, what is beyond measure and price. In other words: It is your voluntary donations at the end of the retreat that make the whole retreat possible. Cooks and managers are also volunteering.


  • E-mail the subscription form to opendharmaholland@gmail.com
  • Transfer € 275,- to the bankaccountnr (IBAN) NL41INGB0007163508 / BIC: INGBNL2A
  • Accountholder: Nanda Huneman, De Bilt, The Netherlands

After receiving your subscription form and payment we will send you a confirmation by e-mail and later on another e-mail with a proper route description, a what to bring list and all the other information you need to survive these days in July!

We look forward to hearing from you!

With love,

The Open Dharma Team – Holland


For questions and registration you can e-mail to opendharmaholland@gmail.com



Jaya on Open Dharma: