This morning I saw a flock of geese in the sky making their long trip from the cold to warmer climes. It was so beautiful to see the different shapes they made in the sky and the way they took turns guiding and being led. The question comes: How do they know where to go? How do the geese even dare to start the flight without a map? Where will they stop to eat? Where will they find water?

It’s going to be hard if we want things to happen exactly as we want them. But the journey can be fun if we stop trying to control things.

We would like to have a map so that we could know for sure that although things are hard now, if we follow this direction, then next year everything will be fine. We do have a map but it’s inside of us and we need to become subtle enough to be able to read it. When we learn to let go and rest into the heart, the next step can be whispered to us. Not the whole map but the next step and then the next. We all have these whispers, but most of us have learned to cover them up as we grew, and our actions may have become motivated by fear. We may live by taking action as a result of running away from fear. But there is always the possibility of tuning in and listening to these whispers and giving space to them so that they can get clearer.

Stepping into the unknown is needed, sitting on the verge of our own heart, and making decisions that are not decisions but steps guided by what we know is true.

Extract from the book There is Light and only Light: Teachings to illuminate your inner wisdom by Gemma Polo Pujol. Watkins publishing.