There is Light and only Light

A book to illuminate your inner journey

If we experience ourselves as part of this river, we can discover what freedom is: not shaping our lives by avoiding the rocks but embracing them, becoming the greater flow.


There is Light and only Light

Teachings to illuminate your inner journey



Watkins Publishing



Available in Paperback, eBook and Audiobook

Also available in Spanish and Catalan

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Watch the online book launch that took place on April 23rd 2020 with an inspiring talk ‘From striving to relaxation, a journey lead with the heart’ based on the essence of the book

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Publisher’s review

Some of the best spiritual books don’t rely on daily lessons or exercises but emerge instead from a place of gentle stillness, with every sentence pointing you toward peace and offering assurance that you are already on the path. Dip into this book or read it from cover to cover, and you will get a fresh perspective on your suffering, with joy and a sense of meaning arising to take the place of pain. Gemma Polo Pujol’s crystalline and powerful spiritual lessons are reminiscent of Eckhart Tolle and there’s an incredible patient wisdom that runs through the words, born out of her deep experience of life and teaching.


Gemma Polo Pujol is a spiritual teacher, and co-founder of Open Dharma Europe and a pioneering eco-retreat centre in Spain. She lived in India for a number of years and embraces wisdom traditions from the East and the West. For the last two decades, she has been offering deep rest and meditation retreats around the world, one-to-one guidance and nature-based circles and pilgrimages.

Our task in meditation is to move out of the way. When we are willing to completely relax and open up, then other forces can begin to support us. 

Gemma Polo is as real and rare as they come, a modern day teacher with a devotional heart akin to St Francis of Assisi. She has pursued ‘her call’ with fire and great tenderness, travelling across the world and back, and has, unlike many – realized it! Gemma reimagines and infuses spiritual traditions with her fresh and original voice. How lucky we are to have her!

Jess Huon

writer and Dharma teacher

Gemma’s book reads like her life: wild and free. Her wide-open heart is on every page, her love of depth behind each word.

Martin Aylward

Dharma teacher and author of "Awake Where You Are: The Art of Embodied Awareness"

Gemma’s book is a journey from inspiration to inspiration. It is a rich exploration of the spiritual path, a colourful tapestry woven from threads of her personal life journey, instructions and guidance on meditation and spiritual practice, and many beautiful insights along the way. It is full of ‘whispers that guide our heart’ to use her words, showing how we can be available and listen to the deep voices within that are longing to be heard. The emphasis throughout is that we can go beyond the functional striving for self-improvement, to a place where we are carried by the currents, we surrender to a much vaster world, we are open to the call of grace, and what seems so far away is entirely obvious when we allow ourselves to drop into it. Deep surrender opens us to our magical life, but we need a helping hand to let go, and this book is that.

Stephen Fulder

Spiritual teacher and author of What's Beyond Mindfulness: Waking Up to This Precious Life

Written in a clear and easy to understand style, There is Light and only Light offers worthwhile read for all those wishing to look deeper into the experience of being human with an interest to uncover spiritual sensitivities.

Christopher Titmuss

Author of The Buddha of Love and The Mindfulness Manual

“Gemma’s writing reflects so beautifully the wisdom, joy and inspiration that emanates from her. She embodies the teachings that have come through her, melding the deeply sacred alchemy of humanness and godliness, and reaching out to us from the center that connects it all … our capacity to love.”

Meredith Little

Co-founder of the School of Lost Borders and The Practice of Living and Dying.

A clear and generous book. Gemma and Danielle have distilled Gemma’s teachings to bring forth an accessible and moving introduction to our pioneering work with deep rest meditation. This book can save lives, and help readers attune their meditation and living towards natural freedom.

Jaya Julienne Ashmore

Founder of Open Dharma and co-founder of Dharmaloca

In coming to our own heart we automatically connect to the heart of everything, it’s all the same frequency.


Over the years, people on retreats have asked me to put onto paper the words spoken in my Dharma talks, to help them remember the days of connection and keep the momentum of the inner journey. I was unsure; so much of the content of those talks was inspired by the deep connection with the specific people on the retreats at that specific time.

A couple of years ago, I asked Danielle Kerris, an English writer, friend and long-time participant in my retreats, to play with the idea of creating a book. Since then we have distilled more than 100 talks into the pages that you have now in your hands. The book represents the essence of my teachings and retains a flavour of my English spoken in a Spanish accent.

It is meant as a book of inspiration rather than a manual on how to meditate, or how to walk the spiritual path. It is organized under chapter headings that represent, in my experience, common steps on the spiritual path. That is not to say that the journey will be the same for everyone or that the steps will happen in the same order as in the book. Our hope is that you can open the book at any point, letting the words become a meditation, a song, a whisper. If on the way you find company, and you feel held and understood, loved as you are, shaken, then these pages will have found their completion. Inviting people again and again to wider frequencies of being is my vocation, for this place where there is light and only light is a realm that belongs to every human being and ultimately is all that is.

May these words illuminate your path.

Gemma Polo Pujol

A selection of short extracts from the book:

Opening our wings

Opening our wings

Extract from the book There is Light and only Light: Teachings to illuminate your inner wisdom by Gemma Polo Pujol

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Articles about the book:

  • An article by Danielle Kerris, a dear friend, writer and long-time participant on my retreats who has been key in the creation and editing of the book. Here she speaks in a very beautiful and down-to-earth way, about her experience during the process of editing my book.
Meeting the Mess Inside

Meeting the Mess Inside

An article about meditation and depression by Gemma Polo, based on her book “There is Light and only Light”.
Published on Cygnus Review magazine summer 2019.

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Allowing your song to be sung brings a priceless joy of being.

There is Light and only Light

Teachings to illuminate your inner journey



Watkins Publishing



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