We build a castle during the day, a castle of ideas, of things we know for sure. I think of meditation practice as the moment to deconstruct the castle. The moment we sit on the cushion or lie down, we become loose and open up again to all the possibilities. We cannot understand with our minds how we can fall into a frequency that contains all that is needed. A frequency where there is no effort, just being.

Through meditation there is a place that you can fall into that is healing and where obstacles simply dissolve.

We live in a moment in history in which many people believe that it is all in our hands and that everything depends on our actions. How can we break this belief in our own power, so that another power can come in, so that we can connect with something much bigger than us? The more tired and busy we are, the more we tend to fall into the belief that it all depends on our doing. But when we open up, when we find some simple time to rest, it seems to allow some light to come in. It cannot come when the door is locked, but it can come when we start loosening up, when we start relaxing and giving up our willpower.

Extract from the book There is Light and only Light: Teachings to illuminate your inner wisdom by Gemma Polo Pujol. Watkins publishing.