Retreats and workshops

Many are the ways; one is the Source.

I like to call it love.

In contact with beauty and in a relaxed and trusting environment, the retreats and workshops that I offer can have different approaches and focus on specific aspects such as deep listening, nature, or reconnection with female wisdom, among others. In all retreats we are invited to rest deeply, to an authentic listening of the heart-belly, and to open ourselves to mystery.

I facilitate retreats and workshops sharing my experience, holding the group and each individual gently, and genuinely guiding each person to hear the whispers of their own heart.

Deep rest retreats

Deep rest is a door to the soul. Not only does it repair tiredness, it also brings us closer to ourselves, heals us, transforms us. In the deep rest retreats, I invite you to rest shamelessly, and renew yourself deeply, until you meet the vibrant source of wisdom and creativity within you. We will enter deep rest through lying down meditation, silence, connected movement, devotional singing, sound and vibration baths, inspirational talks, one-to-one guidance, and conscious walks, among others.

Practical details
Deep rest retreats are usually residential and they take place in different meditation centers located in nature.
The financial contribution for food and accommodation depends on the price of the meditation center where the retreat takes place, while my support and dedication are offered on donations basis. This does not necessarily mean that it is given for free; rather it is given without a fixed price, and with the invitation to bring your heart in and feel what you would be happy to offer in exchange. You can ask your self: In which way does this support and guidance nourish me? How is this enriching my life? At the end of the retreat, you will have the opportunity to express your gratitude by offering donations. Thanks!

Alive listening retreats

To listen again with our eyes and skin, to remember our wild nature, to return to the essence …
I propose a trip to your origins, an immersion in nature where you can expand and remember the power of the elements, the magic of communicating with the other-than-human life that surrounds us, and the power of the circle-tribe.
We will awaken our capacity for true listening through various practices of expansive awareness, silence, drumming, moments of personal integration and moments of heart sharing in the circle.

Retreats for women

The magic and healing power of a true encounter among women has no limits.
When we, as women, find ourselves among women, we remember our heritage, we recognize ourselves, and something deep inside us relaxes.
Whether it is a retreat or a workshop, there is great added value in the intimacy and the deep understanding that can take place while dwelling in sisterhood.
I invite you to experience the pleasure of belonging, and explore your own mysteries in a feminine way.

Spiral woman workshop
Together with Sophia Style, we offer a vivid exploration into the form of the spiral, so present in nature and of so much symbolic value.
This is a journey towards the center of your soul, accompanied by the wisdom of the female archetypes that are shown in our cyclical nature, reconnecting with that which truly nourishes you, and rediscovering your own gifts to be offered to the world

If you feel inspired to organize a retreat, or wish to start deepening through one-to one sessions with me, please contact me.

Your donations given regularly or occasionally make it possible for me to dedicate myself fully and with continuity to what I offer.

Thank you for your generosity!

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