and Medicine Walks

With the heart on the sky and the feet on the earth…

I accompany you through different pilgrimages or paths of initiation to enter your inner sanctuary, rest your mind, and be renewed. Fill yourself with great beauty, open your senses, and regain simplicity.

We walk along healing and transformative paths for ourselves, for the earth, and for all beings.


To be a pilgrim is for me:

To enter the sanctuary of myself, discover the wonder of being brought beyond my strength and my determination. It means to become humble, open to the beauty and magic of each landscape, savouring the energy and wisdom of each territory.

Is to offer myself, praying, letting the mind find rest in each step.

A pilgrimage is a journey to be walked gently touching the earth, learning to love it, feeling the power of those who have preceded us and the infinite possibilities of life’s offerings.

I go on pilgrimages to not become insensitive to the pain of the world, convinced of the transformative power of simple acts. Because beyond my ​​comfort zone and the business of daily life, there is another frequency that overcomes time, borders and differences.

I walk this planet, because it’s time to hear Mother Earth’s whispers, and let her medicine cure us and help us remember.


My path as pilgrim:

I have always walked the Earth, and I’ve always known myself deeply as pilgrim. With a great fascination for the Sanyasis (Hindu pilgrims) and for the hermits of our land, at age 17th I crossed the Pyrenees in a 45-day adventurous journey sleeping under the stars, and at age 18th the Santiago path transformed me. Among many other trips travelled with the heart, I have also walked in places with war and I have created an eco-centre in the holy mountain of Montsant, Spain. Lived in India for a decade and offered deep rest and meditation retreats all over the world for over 17 years.


What leads me to guide pilgrimages?

Moved by the pleasure of sharing my pilgrim essence, I want to open this intimate act of walking the Earth to whoever is happy to hears this call.


What do I propose?

-To accompany you in different pilgrimages or paths of initiation.

-To invite you to the experience of entering your inner sanctuary, and the deep understanding of being brought.

-To fill yourself with great beauty, open your senses, and discover the joy of simplicity.

-Find rest in the mind and deep renewal.

-Walk a path of healing and transformation for yourself, for the Earth, and for all beings.


Which paths of initiation?

Medicine Walk Ritual

andando descalzo por la naturaleza

Medicine Walk Ritual

If you feel that it is time to cross the threshold, leave something old behind and open up to the new, I accompany you to co-create your ritual of the Medicine Walk, with a previous session to distill the intention and prepare the bases, accompanying you in prayer while you go into nature between 4 and 8 hours, and with a later session to collect the fruits and integrate them into your life. The ritual of the Medicine Walk can be done both in person and online.

If you feel inspired to organize a retreat, or wish to start deepening through one-to one sessions with me, please contact me.

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