A beautiful creation with images, music and poetry that expresses the essence of what means to be a pilgrim.


There is a pleasure in being in direct contact with the elements,

in slowing down, in taking time, in entering nature’s rhythm.

There is abundance in becoming silent and opening up to nature’s whispers. So many treasures to be embraced!

There is a deep joy in walking lightly, with only a few possessions.

There is freedom in allowing ourselves to be walked.

Slowly the mind finds rest and the heart naturally opens.

As our feet softly touch the ground, we fall in love with every landscape; and we learn to love the Earth again. We remember, our cells remember the powerful, ancient and simple act of walking.

With a genuine intention in our heart, and a connected way of walking, the journey becomes a prayer, a song, a flow…

We become pilgrims and the path transforms us, and all beings.

As we walk, we become everyone. The whole universe is within us.

Pilgrimages and retreats with Gemma Polo Pujol

Feel the joy of walking with the heart.