Personal guidance

Vulnerable we are, like an infant. We need each other’s care or we will suffer.

St. Catherina of Siena

online personal guidance


∞ Do you want to integrate meditation into your life?
∞ Do you want to give space to vital questions?
∞Are you in a moment of change?
∞ Are you in a grieving process?
∞ Do you want to learn to live from the heart?

We can walk together through your inner journey, embracing all your reality and giving your heart the support and continuity necessary to be transformed.
This service is born from the wish to offer continuity and integration after the retreat experience. You can also ask for an appointment even if you have not participated any retreat, to begin a process of deepening, or to be accompanied through some specific life transition.
During the interviews we use words to clarify some aspects of the process towards the heart, listening, and above all, being heard. Meditating together and and being guided through a visualization, could also be integrated into the sessions according to what feels most appropriated for your path.
These interviews via Skype, are usually 45 minutes long but could also be of some other length if needed and agreed previously.

The suggested contribution for each online session is between 20 and 60 euros, according to what feels appropriate to you and in tune with your financial possibilities. Thank you for your generosity!


Do you want to schedule a session?


I’m mostly available from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central European time.

If you wish to schedule a session, please contact me at:

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