There is a moment in life, if we are lucky, when we start to feel a gap between what we have become and who we are deeply meant to be. This moment is a jewel, a seed of possibilities, an awkward moment full of light. Often, we feel discomfort when we start acting from a true place within ourselves, when we realize that so far we may have been simply copying others, or following our parents’ dream for our life. As we start to move away from that which is known, we may feel strings tying us to the way we’re supposed to live our lives according to society’s rules and our surroundings. There may be no one asking us to keep on being a certain way yet there are invisible threads that feel so strong. There can be a sense of no longer fitting in, a sense of aloneness.

But we cannot go back, we cannot pretend that we don’t know about that part of us that wants to open its wings. We need support to open our wings.

Extract from the book There is Light and only Light: Teachings to illuminate your inner wisdom by Gemma Polo Pujol. Watkins publishing.