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A virtual space in which to meditate together, practice the art of speaking and listening from the heart, and be inspired within a sacred and safe atmosphere.


If you wish to deepen into your own spiritual journey, you are welcome to join these circles with. A place of honesty and friendship, where you can relax, replenish, and feel deeply held.

Guided and facilitated by Gemma Polo


Spring circles


One Thursday per month 3-5 pm EU / 2-4 pm UK / 9-11am EDT (NY)

March 18

April 15

May 13


One Friday per month 10-12 EU / 9-11 UK / 8-10 pm GMT+11 (MEL)

March 19

April 16

May 14

Commit to the full season – 3 circles –


Space limited to a 9 participants per season




Open to everyone with the wish to explore life in all its dimensions.



Over the past 18 years I have been traveling to different parts of the world offering meditation retreats, and both the current pandemic and my own wish to be more rooted locally give rise to these virtual circles. They spring from a deep desire to keep supporting those of you who wish to continue walking the spiritual journey with a sense of community and friendship.



For the past five years, during my silent deep rest and meditation retreats I have started to invite the participants to sit in circle and create a space in which each person can speak their own wisdom. I have also been offering new retreats in nature based on sitting and sharing in circle.

The practice of sitting and sharing in circle is an ancient ceremony based on coming together to simply speak and listen from the heart. We find that simply allowing our deeper voices to be spoken and heard is in itself healing and transformative. By speaking our truth and offering our presence by deeply listening, a space beyond words becomes accessible and we can really meet at another level.

The form of the circle provides a sacred and safe container in which we can witness our own stories and everyone’s stories without judgments. A place where life flows and understanding and wisdom becomes available to everyone.


These online circles are based on three guidelines:


From a comfortable place in our own home, we will connect as a virtual circle, each with a candle lit to help us remember that which is beyond words. We will be invited to speak out what is moving in us and share from the heart in a personal and honest way, with spontaneity and freshness, about which is relevant and meaningful in our lives.


We offer our full and loving presence in the radical act of listening from the heart, without judgments, and so become a healing container for everyone’s stories and emotions. Listening form the heart, with our whole body and being, gives us a window into each-others soul’s and enables us to fully embrace the person who is speaking.

By speaking and listening from the heart, we discover how our truth is deeply connected to the truth of others, and this creates expanding rings of compassion and understanding, and cultivates peace in our inner and outer world.


Inspiration comes from what emerges in the simplicity of sharing and listening form the heart, as well as from meditating together with a shared intention.

Gemma’s guidance will also be a source of inspiration: she will be holding the space, offering some guided meditations and reflections, and mirroring back some of the jewels that come from people’s sharing.


About the facilitator:

A photo of Gemma Polo PujolGemma Polo Pujol is a spiritual teacher, co-founder of Open Dharma Europe, and a pioneering eco-retreat centre in Spain. For the last two decades, she has been offering deep rest and meditation retreats around the world, one-to-one guidance, nature-based circles and pilgrimages, workshops on feminine wisdom, and online courses.



Program for the two-hour online circle:

Guided meditation and setting the intention

Time for practicing the art of sharing and listening

Short break

Collecting the nectar of what has been shared

Closing meditation



The suggested donations are between 20 and 60 euros per circle, but ultimately it is totally up to you!

Gemma offers her guidance without any fixed price, as it has been done in many traditions for millennia in the spiritual realm, with the intention of giving space to everyone, and with the beauty of not limiting what is infinite. At the end of each circle you will have the opportunity to offer donations to Gemma as a way to express your gratitude and value your own process. Thanks for your generosity!

There is a universe of freedom when we offer without a fixed price, both for the one who gives and for the one who receives.

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Would you like to join?

  1. If you wish to be part of these circles, please write to me at with the subject title “Winter circles/ Spring circles/ Summer circles/ Autumn circles” according to the season you wish to join. Please include a little personal background and few words about what calls you to join these circles.


  1. After I receive your email, you will receive some more practical information details and the Zoom link to join the meeting.


  1. A reminder will also be sent to you two days before our circles.


Note about the timings of the circles

It has been a challenge to choose the day and time of the week for these circles, as I know that what works for some will not work for others. The timings that I propose are what I am able to offer now, taking into account my commitments as a mother at the moment. If you wish to join and these times do not work for you, please let me know and I will consider if other options are possible.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in the depth and wisdom of these circles.


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