June 11, 2022 | 5:00 pm July 3, 2022 | 9:00 pm

With Gemma Polo and council trainers Kate Lipkis and Bonnie Tamblyn.

Join Gemma Polo and council trainers Kate Lipkis and Bonnie Tamblyn

for this online certified training.


online over four weekend days

JUNE 11 AND 12, JULY 2 AND 3, 2022

at 17h – 21h Central European Summer Time CEST (8am – 12 noon PST)


The practice of sitting and sharing in circle is an ancient ceremony based on coming together to simply speak and listen from the heart. In doing so, we find that simply allowing our deeper voices to be spoken and heard is in itself healing and transformative.

By speaking our truth and offering our presence of deep listening, a space beyond words becomes accessible and we can really meet at another level.

The form of the circle provides a sacred and safe container in which we can witness our own stories and everyone’s stories without judgments. A place where life flows and understanding and wisdom becomes available to everyone.



Is this training for you?

If you’ve sat in council circles – online or in person – and wondered why the facilitation seems so “easy” … if you think you hear, and suspect there’s more to learn about listening … if you’re frustrated when conversation is dominated by one or two people … if you’re looking for a more active form of meditation and mind focus … if you’re uncomfortable with silence and don’t know why … if it’s time to bring a little structure into those family zooms … if you’re done with talking about politics or the pandemic … this training is for you.


Learn or deepen into the art of facilitating council circles:

Join a like-minded group to embrace the art and learn the science of a circle-based practice of deep listening and heartfelt expression. Yes – even on Zoom. Acknowledging and paying respect to the roots of council in indigenous cultures worldwide, we’ll learn of its current applications in families, social profit organizations, schools, prisons and businesses, its varied forms and settings, the importance of a strong “container”, the purpose of a centerpiece, the potent nature of the talking/listening piece, and how to sit in an intentional circle online. There’s ample opportunity for break-out groups so you can practice with your colleagues, and time well-spent learning how to form a prompt open enough to welcome responses from the most diverse circle. You’ll gain an understanding of the basic tenets of council and finish with the skills to begin bravely practicing what you’ve learned with family, friends, work colleagues and your chosen community, in-person and virtually.


About the Facilitators:

Kate Lipkis (link) and Bonnie Tamblyn have a combined 50 years experience as council facilitators and trainers. They are former members of The Ojai Foundation‘s Trainer’s Mentoring Circle and will very generously join me online for this highly functional 16-hour certified training.



The training will take place online over four weekend days – June 11, June 12, July 2 and July 3 –  at 17h – 21h Central European Summer Time CEST (8am – 12 noon PST). Attendance at all four sessions is required for completion and participation is limited to 15 registrants. 


Price and donations:

Tuition is on a sliding scale from $400 (about 375€) down to $100 (about 95€). Please choose the tuition that reflects your current financial ability and, if you’re able, pay it forward so more can join the circle. Half of the program’s profit is given to mutual aid networks, retreats and nature-reconnection scholarships, social justice organizations and food banks, or to international relief agencies. Recent examples include Mujeres de la Tierra, LA Regional Food Bank, Seeding Sovereignty, Navajo and Hopi Families Covid Relief Fund, Weaving Earth, Reform LA Jails, Medecins Sans Frontières and the International Relief Fund.

Highly recommended reading: The Way of Council by Jack Zimmerman and Virginia Coyle, Bramble Books, 2009



“The transparency of the facilitators created a warm and egalitarian environment” … “adapted well to the virtual format” … “I felt able to connect with the rest of the trainees – even through Zoom” … “loved the facilitation and learnings” …  “I found the council training to be deeply inspiring and empowering! It gives me hope for humanity to be in a practice which feels accessible, vulnerable and intentionally held for everyone” … “I look forward to integrating circle work into my personal and professional relationships”


Do you want to join?

Contact Kate with your questions or register here.


Highly recommended reading: The Way of Council by Jack Zimmerman and Virginia Coyle, Bramble Books, 2009