About me

It is what we are that heals, not what we know.

C.G. Jung.

My name is Gemma; I have always been guided by the fire of my soul and for more than 20 years I have been accompanying people on their spiritual journey and offering deep rest meditation retreats around the world, pilgrimages, and circles in nature.

I was born in Barcelona and never believed that life was limited to the explicable and tangible. At age of eleven I consciously started my spiritual journey after seeing the biographical film of St. Francis of Assisi, Brother Sun Sister Moon. Nature was my temple, my place of encounter with the divine and where everything made sense.
Later on, the question about death ignited my inner fire and at sixteen I began to practice Zen intensively with Berta Meneses.
Pilgrimages, days of solitude in hermitages and caves, meetings with mystics and hermits of the mountains, together with a year of committed activism in the Dominican Republic and another year as a Catholic nun in a small community located in Catalonia gave me the bases for an alive practice rooted in heart.

I studied Agriculture, International Development and Religious Sciences. I was involved in the process of creating l’AUDIR (UNESCO Association for Interreligious Dialogue) and I was a professional beekeeper with my own organic honey.

After some experiences for which I found no books or words, I went to India in search of someone who would know this luminous place, and found Ajay Pal Singh, my kalyan mittra (spiritual friend). I stayed in India for the next 10 years and together with Ajay Pal Singh and Jaya Ashmore, we runned the Open Dharma association and offered retreats in many countries.

In 2007 I returned to Catalonia to create Dharmaloca, an eco-retreat center located in the heart of Montsant in Tarragona, fruit of the vision of offering a space rooted in nature for whoever wishes to dive in, connect with nature, and deepen while being supported.

Moved by the longing to go back to what is wild and essential, I created the Awakening With Horses program. I loved bringing people closer to my four pottokas mares living in freedom. They became our mirrors and reminded us who we really are.


In the last few years, together with my partner Sophia Style, creator of the “Cyclical Woman” project, we have joined our more than 20 years of experience in the field of meditation and deep rest and the wisdom of the cycles of women and nature. The fruit of this journey together, is the branch that I call Feminine Spirituality within the tree of what I offer.






My first book “There is Light and only Light, teachings to illuminate your inner journey” that gathers what I have been sharing in dozens of retreats around the world, has just been published in English by Watkins publishing.



I currently live in a town near the north coast of Catalonia, where I offer one-to-one guidance while continuing to offer deep rest and meditation retreats in various countries, pilgrimages and circles in nature.

I am a mother, a poet, passionate, and I still don’t believe what we take for granted …

*Open Dharma is a non-profit organization registered in India, the U.S, and Spain. Open Dharma offers meditation retreats and teachings since 1999, to encourage people from diverse backgrounds to discover their calling and live an awakened life. Here you can see more of what I offer through Open Dharma and be nourished by its resources.

If you feel inspired to organize a retreat, or wish to start deepening through one-to one sessions with me, please contact me.

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