I bow before life’s generosity, for its abundance is expressing itself continuously in all directions. Sometimes its way is not what I had planned or what I was expecting, but it always has its own majesty, and brings what is for me to embrace. I feel drawn to be open and connected to my calling above and beyond any calculation. And I’m grateful to say that against all prognostics, I haven’t lacked anything over these 15 years of living on donations. Furthermore, everything seems to arrive at the right time and every amount seems to be the perfect one. Of course, after all these years I have had moments for every kind of feeling, including getting upset with some people’s ability to continuously take and never offer back, or being amused at the proof that being richer doesn’t necessarily mean being more generous, or moments of wishing to know what I would have at the end of the month, or being overwhelmed by some people’s great generosity…But all the way through, I have enjoyed the magic of money coming from different directions and the mystery of receiving from some people and in moments I would had never imagined. Money, as life, has its ways…

I once heard that Gandhi said: “truth can never be in business” and the more I let this sentence in, the more I feel its true. Especially for us, people committed to a spiritual path and who offer ourselves for guidance and support, it is crucial to keep checking in to find truth.

It is essential to find our motivation moment by moment, and to move from that true origin, from the burning flame, from the place in which we know our actions are the only actions possible. That which we are made to do, that which is alive in us and wants to give freely, simply for the beauty of sharing, as flowers spreading their essence to the air, and their colors to the eyes that want to be nourished.

One may earn money by sharing one’s true heart, and when this happens, a beautiful song is created, but my friends; this cannot be pushed nor provoked. Our “business” is to keep our eyes on our heart, and not to turn our motivation to the potential profits that one could make. Business, by definition, points to make profit, and this is not a problem in itself, and is not dishonest by default. But truth can only point to truth, and any other motivation would dissolve its power.

To live true to our calling means to give ourselves to it, it means diving in and fishing from the source that is alive within us and beyond us; and sing the song that wants to be sang.

Life’s ways of expressing its gratitude for having dared to do what we have to do is not our business. To calculate how much our offerings are worth is a terrain that does not belong to a heart on fire for love. We can be open to being supported and to receiving people’s true expressions of gratitude, and it may happen that what we receive covers our expenses and allows us to keep doing what we love to do, but this belongs to the magic of life and does not have to do with any calculation.

This is my deepest joy: to keep insanely true to the Heart of all things, to walk against gravity, to dance life.







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