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“Gemma’s writing reflects so beautifully the wisdom, joy and inspiration that emanates from her. She embodies the teachings that have come through her, melding the deeply sacred alchemy of humanness and godliness, and reaching out to us from the center that connects it all … our capacity to love.”

Meredith Little, co-founder of the School of Lost Borders and The Practice of Living and Dying.


If you wish to light the flame of your heart, this is your home.

In a world in which we walk faster every day, disconnected from nature, and having forgotten the sacred essence of all things:


  • I invite you to temporarily move out of your daily life, rest deeply, nourish yourself with silence and walk through paths of initiation in wild nature.


  • I invite you to practice the art of speaking and listening from the heart as we have done since ancient times, to remember who you really are and for your gifts to emerge.


  • I invite you to live fully, embracing death and honoring life’s changes and moments of transition.

This video is a small window towards my life and the fruits of what I offer in my deep rest meditation retreats.

Hopefully your steps are also guided by your passion and your softness!

¿Who am I?

My name is Gemma, I have always been guided by the fire of my soul, and for more than 20 years I have been accompanying people to live and die, offering deep rest and meditation retreats worldwide, pilgrimages and council in nature. More about my life trajectory.

My passion is to see you blossom, and I offer you the space and the support that you might need to dive within, and to dare to live more genuinely.

What can I offer you?

Meditation retreats through deep rest, silence, contact with nature and the ancient practice of sharing in a circle.

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Support in your spiritual process and life changes. Death doula. Rituals and rites of passage.

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Walking meditation through different paths of initiation in wild nature. Personalized Medicine Walks.

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All the retreats, pilgrimages, courses and guidance with Gemma are open to people of any religion or spiritual preference, they are inclusive and LGTBIQ + friendly.

If you feel inspired to organize a retreat, or wish to start deepening through one-to one sessions with me, please contact me.

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