Surrounded by thousands of acres of protected biosphere, in the heart of the holy ridge of Montsantm Spain, lies Dharmaloca, our beautiful eco-retreat place.

Dharmaloca is open to any woman or man with the urge to reconnect with life. A place of beauty, simplicity, and great purity, sustained by the generosity of many hearts.

How could the sky or the warmth of the earth be bought or sold?

Native American Chief Seattle

Dharmaloca was created by Open Dharma’s facilitators Gemma Polo and Jaya Ashmore. Currently Gemma is the director and Milton is the resident coordinator that will welcome you and take care of the practicalities.




Dharmaloca is open from April to October.

If you have already done a retreat with Gemma or with Open Dharma, you are welcome to co-create your own self-retreat. If you do not know us yet, you can also enjoy the intimate group retreats and workshops that we offer at Dharmaloca.


All the structures are made respecting the environment and based on the principles of permaculture. We have an outdoor kitchen and dining room, dry toilet, shower, two covered outdoor spaces for meditation and inspiration, library, orchard, carpentry workspace, a natural pond and basic infrastructure for activities with horses.


We have 4 individual and 9 shared spaces, as well as the possibility of bringing your own tent or campervan.


Do you want to relax in one of our cozy caravans and enjoy your own mini-space?. Bedding is included.


Do you know the pleasure of sleeping near the earth? We have large cotton tents with comfortable mattresses. You will have to bring your own sleeping bag.


We invite you to bring your own small tent and caming gear.


The Cottage is a little stone self-sufficient space with its own kitchen and wood stove. If you come from October to March or have any special needs, the Cottage can be your home.

Daily basic contribution towards food and accommodation:
Caravan Set up tent(shared) Camping Cottage
One week 35 € 30 € Not available now Not available now
>1week < 2 months 30 € 25 € Not available now Not available now
> 2 months 25 € 20 € Not available now Not available now

A place run on generosity

This daily basic contribution towards accommodation and food pays only for the basic ongoing expenses of Dharmaloca. To further support this place of deep nature and transformation we depend on your generosity. At the end of your stay you will be welcome to make donations. Thank you!


Food: Is vegetarian and as much local and organic as possible.

Each person is asked to participate in daily tasks such as cooking or washing dishes, and to participate in different projects and tasks of the land.


Dharmaloca can offer you:

Personal retreats

Personal retreats are the soul of Dharmaloca and are born from the vision of offering spaces of silence and reconnection with oneself and nature. In this magical place you can come to dive in, take care of yourself, and be renovated. Mostly in solitude but also occasionally with some support form Gemma. The minimum stay is 1 week and the recommended stay is between 2 weeks and 3 months. The accommodation for personal retreats is in the caravans or the provided cotton tents. Cooking your own food and participating in maintenance tasks is essential, as well as integrating your own spiritual practice with connected daily work for at least an hour and a half of you time.

Group retreats and workshops

In Dharmaloca we offer retreats for small groups of maximum 15 people in full contact with nature. The group retreats offered in Dharmaloca combine different themes such as deep rest, connected work, immersions in nature, deep listening, women’s circles, or expansive awareness. They can also focus on more specific explorations such as medicinal plants, beekeeping or connection with horses, among others.


Meditation with horses

When I first dreamed of bringing horses home, people would ask me, “What do you want to do with them? What do you want them for? “And I would respond:” I simply want to open my window and see the horses, they have the power to transport me to the essence.”
Based on my experience of being with horses, I offer the meditation retreats with horses at Dharmaloca, Tarragona, Spain. On these retreats, we learn basic equine ethology and approach the horses according to their body language. We cultivate awareness of our own body movements and mental moods.

We combine direct contact with horses, the practice of connected movement, meditation, and ancestral walking with horses. We also do ground-to-ground exercises of self-knowledge and leadership, letting the horses be our mirror, and practice somatic or synchronized riding.


See the “Awakening with horses” project


We offer the possibility to come and help us take care of Dharmaloca. In this formula we expect a collaboration of about 4 hours a day in exchange for the accommodation. Depending on the time of year you come in, the tasks can vary from taking care of the orchard, mowing the grass, pruning trees, harvesting olives or almonds, helping managing a retreat, maintaining the wooden structures, caring for the hosrses or the cat, etc. It is essential that the place and the tasks nourishes you aswell, and therefore we will always keep in mind your skills and preferences when designing the exchange. Ultimatelly all actions are meant to become doors to meditation and love.

We often have space for one volunteer all year round.

If you come as volunteer, your basic contribution will be 15 Euros per day to cover your food.

A magical space of great purity, wild, solitary, remote … where you can see the eagle fly, and walk endlessly among the rocks that have been home to many hermits and hearts with great longing for the divine.


Contact with Dharmaloca

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